Drop Deck Trailers

Putting an extra tall load on a normal flatbed trailer results in a truck which exceeds legal dimensions and requires special permits at additional costs.

These expenses and headaches can be avoided by choosing a drop deck trailer.


Upper deck length 11 ft
Lower deck length 42 ft
General length 53 ft
Width 8.6 ft
Height 10 ft
Loads of any size considered extreme require a special approach. This approach is possible with drop deck trailers that are sometimes also called step deck trailers. They are designed to meet all your special requirements in freight transporting and unloading.

What is special about drop deck trailers?

What is unique about this type of trailers and why are they better for taller loads? They have no sides, no roof but a two level platform instead of the usual body. The upper part of this platform goes up and down when the load is removed. The lower part serves for placing your tall load. This allows you to win 20 inches above the maximum height allowed for load transportation.
The benefits of drop deck trailers for moving your loads are obvious:
  • They allow moving any loads that can't be affected by weather conditions
  • They can be unloaded very easily with the help of the forklift
  • They provide the opportunity to move taller loads considering height restrictions.
The fact that drop deck trucks are perfect for tall loads doesn't mean that they are good only for this type of freight. Short loads can also be transported on such trailers. The height of the platform can be varied depending on the height of your load. There are several levels of height possible depending on your load size.

There also must be ramps and load levelers to provide smooth loading and unloading for such loads as cars or big tractors. Ramps help to provide the safety of your load while unloading and load levelers serve to secure them.

We know what trucks your load needs

Double Power Logistics knows what to choose for any type of load you would want to move. It can have any size, width and height, and you can be sure we choose the carrier with the best options to take it wherever you need. We work with the experienced carriers that are perfectly equipped for any type of freight and know when each equipment should be used.

We track your load throughout its entire way and inform you about its movement. We are happy when our customer is happy and are eager to provide not only the excellent quality of work but also a loyalty program for our devoted customers.