Dry Van

The classic box trailer. Whether you're shipping rolls of toilet paper or new computers, a van trailer will keep your load safe and dry.

Your product can be put on pallets and loaded onto the trailer, then secured in place with special straps or bars, or even nailed to the wooden floor of the trailer.
Once the doors are closed, they can be secured with a lock and seal, protecting your product from theft. The fully-enclosed trailer protects the load from bad weather.

We know what trucks your load needs

Double Power Logistics knows what to choose for any type of load you would want to move. It can have any size, width and height, and you can be sure we choose the carrier with the best options to take it wherever you need. We work with the experienced carriers that are perfectly equipped for any type of freight and know when each equipment should be used.

We track your load throughout its entire way and inform you about its movement. We are happy when our customer is happy and are eager to provide not only the excellent quality of work but also a loyalty program for our devoted customers.