RGN trailer

When you need to move something truly large, an RGN trailer is the answer. RGN means Removable Goose Neck. The trailer sits low to the ground and actually separates into two pieces.

Once separated, heavy machinery can be driven straight onto the lower deck and secured with chains and binders.
RGN trailers can be used for more than bulldozers, though. Have an air conditioning unit that's 11 feet tall? Put it on an RGN and maintain legal height, avoiding the extra expense and hassle of oversize permits.

We know what trucks your load needs

Double Power Logistics knows what to choose for any type of load you would want to move. It can have any size, width and height, and you can be sure we choose the carrier with the best options to take it wherever you need. We work with the experienced carriers that are perfectly equipped for any type of freight and know when each equipment should be used.

We track your load throughout its entire way and inform you about its movement. We are happy when our customer is happy and are eager to provide not only the excellent quality of work but also a loyalty program for our devoted customers.