For Carrier

Our team works hard to meet all the requirements. We provide all the services and technologies in order to keep your truck moving.

To achieve our common goal — delivery, you need a responsible and responsive freight brokerage company.

Truck moving

We used to work as a carrier company, so we know what exactly carriers need to be productive and stay motivated.

That's why we give good assistance for our carriers during the entire delivery time, support their needs and always keep their trucks loaded.

We offer:

  • prompt payments;
  • freight of all sized;
  • 24/7 assistance;
  • weekend dispatch available.

We look for:

  • experienced and responsible drivers;
  • people who are ready for challenges;
  • drivers who understand the necessity of always being in touch;
  • carriers who are ready to work hard.

Why choose DPL:

  • search available loads;
  • ability to manage loads;
  • receive opportunities for shipments.
DPL company aims to improve people's life and work to fulfill the needs of our customers.

Our carriers are our strength and we are proud to have them. We try to motivate them to overcome all challenges and reward them for staying professional despite any situation.Working with us will give you the opportunity to pick the loads you want and improve your skills every day.

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